Local input to improve Hoxton Street Market

Hoxton Market

Traders and residents of Hoxton are being invited to come up with suggestions for the development and improvement of Hoxton Street Market.

Following a decline in trading activity, Hackney council has been encouraging the local people to contribute with suggestions and take part in an online public consultation for improving the market.

The improvement works are part of a strategy to upgrade the market and bring in more traders and customers, as well as a greater product mix and focused trading days.

The council made a commitment to work “in partnership with traders, businesses and residents to make the very best of their potential of each market and improve the shopping experience of customers.”

Residents of Hackney expressed their contentment with the new developmental council’s Street Market Strategy, while also remaining quite sceptical of it.

Sam Alden, 82, a resident of Hackney, said: “Street markets are an essential part of any metropolis. It’s always good for people to bring in their opinions, especially for traders too as it directly affects them. But whether these ideas will be put into practice is unknown.”

Donna Thompson, 38, resident of Hoxton road, said: “It’s great that people get to contribute because it is people who spend their money there. It’s how democracy works, and I will remember to check the form online myself and I’ll make sure to have my say.

“There are many things to change, 15 years ago I used to go to the market a lot, and now there are issues the council has to deal with, like the drunks in the park.”

Following the proposed Localism Bill in December 2010, Hackney Council has seen a rise in local initiatives. The new legislation intends to delegate community development to the local government and residents and hopes that it will inspire local residents to take action and come up with their own ideas and plans for development.

However, according to the council, any proposed neighbourhood plans need to be in “strategic conformity with other planning policies.”

Hackney Council first began its collaboration with the public in order to transform Ridley Road Market, where improvements are well under way, and Chatsworth Road Market, which reopens this Sunday. Hoxton Market is the next phase in the council’s Street Market Strategy.

Once the online consultation for Hoxton Street Market has closed, the council will analyse the proposals and will make decisions accordingly. The findings will be available to the public, and the final proposals will be published by Summer 2011.

Access the survey here.

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