Magpie (Pica pica)

Magpie: Mike Langman, RSPB Images

Where to find them: Anywhere with a good number of trees, sometimes in gardens

When to hear them: All year round

Diet: Omnivore, scavenger

A common sight in suburban areas, the magpie can be an unpopular visitor to gardens, not least because a lone magpie is said to be bad luck.

They will eat almost anything and will also scavenge. Though it appears black and white from a distance, look a bit closer and you will notice a glossy blue sheen to the wings and green colouring in the tail.

Their distinctive chattering voice is almost unique in the UK. Magpies are flourishing up and down the East London Line and it should be remembered, that though one means bad luck, seeing two is considered a good omen.

Top 10 most spotted rating:

Croydon: 9th

Lewisham: 9th

Tower Hamlets: 10th

Hackney: 9th

One extra magpie for good luck

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