Talks over 750 jobs axe at UK Border Agency

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Almost 760 jobs at the UK Border Agency, one of Croydon’s largest employers, look set to be cut.

Staff members have been told compulsory redundancies cannot be ruled out under plans that will affect four departments of the UK Border Agency headquarters at Lunar House in Croydon.

The redundancies are part of a Home Office move to cut 8,500 jobs within four years as a result of the Government’s spending restrictions.

Border Agent executives met union representatives last Tuesday, who said they will be holding discussions to manage the job cuts in a three-month consultation.

Prasil Prabhasuthan, a representative for the Lunar House branch in the Public and Commercial Services Union (PSC), said: “It’s not just the UK Border Agency staff in Croydon that is at risk, but the entire UK Border Agency staff.”

The PSC said its members will be balloted on taking industrial action.

Union assistant group secretary Martin Kelsey said: “This will have a significant impact on Croydon’s economy.

“If we lose 750 posts from this building there are going to be fewer people with money to spend in Croydon’s economy. Small businesses will be particularly affected.

The ballot is due to close on March 23 but the union has not ruled out a ballot for strike action in the event of any compulsory redundancies.

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