Pick of the Line 10/03 – 16/03

Thursday: DJ Rich Pack @ Baby Bath House

Friday: Andrew Grassie exhibition @ Maureen Gallery

Saturday: Terror Danjah and Toddla T @ Cable

Sunday: Knitting SOS @ Look Mum No Hands

Monday: Short Books @ Stoke Newington Book Shop

Tuesday: ‘In A Better World’ @ Rio Cinema

Wednesday: Lucha Britannia @ Resistance Gallery


Photo: Baby Bath House

Tonight the Baby Bath House kicks off as a real live burlesque club with renowned DJ Rich Pack delivering the tunes. Rich Pack has been touring the US and has played at some of New York’s most popular clubs. He plays mostly rock and roll and who knows you might feel tempted to live out you inner Dita Von Teese.

Baby Bath House is the little sister to Bathhouse at Broadgate, which is mostly famous for being a hub for celebrities like Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldorf and Micha Barton. But with their new venue in Stoke Newington they are grappling with a more sceptical crowd. However according to Baby Bath House this venue will be more cosy Victorian café and bar and less naked midnight leisure ladies.

Thursday from 5-11pm. Baby Bath House, 125 Church Street, London N16 0UH


Photo: Maureen Gallery

Try  the Andrew Grassie exhibition at the Maureen Gallery. Grassie is known for creating the illusion that you are looking at the real art piece when you are only viewing a reproduction. In that moment you realise that the whole world itself is a reproduction and you walk away feeling enlightened and wiser than before.

Maureen Paley was one of the original East London based galleries and one of the first to hijack some of the YBA artists back in the 90ies. Right from the beginning curator and owner Maureen Parley established herself as a pioneer within the heavyweight contemporary art community.

The exhibition run from the March 11 to April 10. Maureen Gallery, 21 Herald Street, London E2 6JT


Photo: Cable

Terror Danjah and Toddla T headline with some of London’s leading up and coming grime and dub-step DJ’s to throw the weekend’s biggest bass pumping night at Cable.

Toddle T started dj’ing when he was 14 and by the age of 16 he dropped out of school to pursue a full-time career in the music industry. Today he has a regular slot on Radio 1 and two albums under his belt, on which he collaborated with Artic Monkeys and Roots Manuva among others.

On Saturday he will be playing next to grime veteran Terror Danjah, who is a former member of N.A.S.T.Y crew, the East London-based grime crew. Like most hip-hop and grime crews, N.A.S.T.Y are renowned as much for their phenomenal music skills as their behaviour. If you can get over that, then you should most certainly  make your way towards Cable for a party out of the ordinary.

Located between London Bridge and New Cross, Cable is one of the newest additions to the South East London music scene.

Saturday from 10pm. Tickets 12. Cable “We Fear Silence, present Dirty Canvas”, Bermondsey st Tunnel, London SE1 3JW


Photo: Look Mum No Hands

On Sunday you can sit in a safe and coffee-smelling environment with your knitting and give life a good mental scan. ‘Look Mum No Hands’, the cycling café hosts Knitting SOS from 10-12pm every second Sunday of the month. Bring your knitting, yourself and all of your complex “knitting” issues to the café and you can get free advice from an experienced knitter on how keep the fingers going. If Sunday is no good for you, you can always use the SOS Knitting hotline at 07940 850 458. Come happy come sad there is no problem too big for SOS Knitting.

Sunday from 10-12pm. Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old street, London EC1V 9HX


Photo:Stoke Newington Book Shop

Two former journalists at The Sunday Telegraph: Aurea Carpenter and Rebecca Nicolson, came up with the idea of publishing short  books while having lunch together. As Carpenter said: “I knew I was not going to buy a 800-page book about Napoleon, but I really wish I knew something about Napoleon.”

Short Books was born with titles such as Who Was David Livingstone The Legendary Explorer, Teach your Granny to Text and Other Ways to Save the World and Have A Nice Day.

Today they will be talking about their ambitions and inspirations. One of their most treasured authors, Betsy Tobin, will also be there to discuss the writing of her novel, Crimson China.

Tickets £2.5 at entry. Stoke Newington Book Shop, 159 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 0NY

On Monday S


Photo: Rio Cinema

Catch, ‘In A Better World’, Susanne Biers’ Oscar and Golden Globe winning film  tonight.

Portraying the dark, grim and deeply denied human emotions has become the trademark of the Danish film. With directors such as Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg constantly pushing visual and emotional boundaries and Susanne Bier winning more and more golden statuettes, it is safe to say that small Denmark has found its place on the international film scene.

In A Better World tackles issues of revenge and forgiveness. It describes the fragile and chaotic life of two Danish families. As each family are dealing with grief and conflict their two sons form a fascinating friendship.

Tickets £7 (5.5 concs). Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2PB


Photo:Lucha Britannia

Colourful aggressive masked Mexican beefcake rolling around a wrestling arena with spandex covered super heroes while trying to cause each other the most pain. It might be the weirdest and most horrifying thing you have ever heard, but this Wednesday you are invited to join the fight.

Lucha Britannia is a wrestling cabaret that finds its inspiration from the Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling tradition. Dressed in extreme outfits, men as well as women fight each other using rapid and powerful manoeuvres and the aim is to pin each other to the ground at whatever painful cost.

Lucha Britannia is organising a series of workshops around London and the time has come for the people of East London to join the ring and learn how to dress and fight like a traditional Luchadore.

If this is not an opportunity too outrageous to pass, then what is?

Classes cost £10 and are held on Tuesdays and Wednesday from the 15th to 30th of March. Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser St, London E2 9RF

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