Third award for Bethnal Green estate

Renovated - Photo: Tower Hamlets Housing Community

A renovated council estate in Bethnal Green won its third award for improving the area, earlier this month.

The homes at Claredale Street in Bethnal Green were awarded the Civic Trust award for making an “outstanding contribution to the quality and appearance of the built environment.”

The building site has already been awarded the Richard Feilden award and the Building for Life award in 2010.

Following the Building for Life Award in August 2010 the site was described as a cleverly scaled mixture of apartments and houses that suits the residential area between Hackney Road and Bethnal Green Road.

The Claredale Street Scheme is designed by architects Karakusevic Carson and is funded by Tower Hamlets Community Housing, which have been developing homes in Bethnal Green since 2000.

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