Woodpigeon (Columba palumbus)

Woodpigeon: Chris Gomersall, RSPB Images

Where to find them: Parks, gardens and woods

When to hear them: All year round

Diet: Buds, shoots, seeds, nuts and berries

The capital’s second most common bird is not a particularly popular one. However, the woodpigeon is a distinct species from its more urban cousin, the feral pigeon.

While the feral variety is the bane of tourists in Trafalgar Square, the woodpigeon is a more presentable character. Its familiar cooing can be heard in all the capital’s parks and it does best in more wooded areas; the largest population along the line is in Croydon.

Top 10 most spotted rating:

Croydon: 2nd

Lewisham: 2nd

Tower Hamlets: 2nd

Hackney: 3rd

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