Brockely anarchists held over wedding prank

Photo: anarchist cookbook

Three Brockley anti-royalists were arrested last night for planning to behead effigies of the royal family.

Chris Knight, 68, head of the anarchist group “The Government of Dead”, and his partner Camilla Power, also 68, were arrested last night when police seized a working guillotine from their flat in Brockley.

Another man, Patrick Macroidan, 45, dressed as an executioner, was also arrested at the scene.

The group claimed that they were practicing for a street theatre event to be performed later today. However, the police detained them for conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and breach of peace.

Knight, was suspended from his job at the University of East London in 2009 when he helped to organise action around the G20 protests.

The trio are expected to be released on bail from the south London police station in which they are being held later today.

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