Ghosts along the East London Line: we track down the haunted sites and spooky stories near you

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Here at East London Lines, we love a good scare. In fact, there’s not a day goes by without someone jumping out of a filing cabinet, covered in a white sheet and wielding the big stapler.

It’s getting a bit tedious, if we’re honest.

So for the past few weeks we’ve gone in search of scarier fare; ghost hunting across East London. And we’ve found a lot more than you might expect.

For example, did you know that in the Tower of London, it was this month back in 1483, that the fate of the infamous murdered princes was sealed? Or that Edgar Allan Poe, that master of horror, went to school in Stoke Newington?

We’ve gathered all the best ghost stories from along the line, to bring you a borough-by-borough guide to all that’s ghoulish and otherworldly in your neighbourhood.

There’ll be stories, videos and even interactive maps so you can check out whether there are any known hauntings on your very own street.

Check back each day, as we post entries for Tower Hamlets, Lewisham, Croydon and Hackney. If you know of a story we’ve missed, tell us about it in the comments.

To get you started, here’s the spooky low-down on Croydon!


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