Haunted Lewisham: ghosts near you [video]

The Eltham Murder

Lewisham is certainly not without its interesting ghost stories. From an unsolved Victorian murder case (pictured), to a beer-drinking apparition from 1804.

Lewisham is haunted by sailors, highwaymen, and even Lord Nelson.

And the borough was home to the medium Doris Stokes. Her public career in the 1970s and 80s made her probably the most famous medium in the world; her books were massive bestsellers, and her live sittings comforted and entertained millions. She once even demonstrated for three capacity audiences at the Sydney Opera House.

Stokes was known for a warm and motherly personality. She underwent – and passed – many tests of her authenticity but her psychic abilities, seen as miraculous by some, were still criticised by others who dismissed the demonstrations as incredibly skilful cold-reading and guesswork.

Stokes lived in Lewisham towards the end of her life, and died here in 1987.

For more otherworldly information about Lewisham, see our Google map (click on the ghosts to read the haunting nearest you!), and watch our video with Scott Wood – president of the South East London Folklore Society – who tells his favourite local stories.

Do you know of some ghost stories we’ve missed? Leave a comment and let us know! Why not take a look at the ghost stories from Croydon, and Hackney as well and don’t forget to check back soon for Tower Hamlets.

Click here to use the Google map, and find your nearest ghost.

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