Mother and child escape fire at Manor Park home

Photo: Jackus2008, wikimedia

A mother and her two-year-old daughter escaped from a fire that broke out at their Manor Park home yesterday morning.

The woman, who is in her late 30s, said she was woken by the screams of her daughter after the fire broke out in the living room at 1.30am and managed to leave the property with her daughter and the family dog.

She told fire crews called to the blaze in Grantham Road she had removed batteries in her smoke alarm after it started beeping to remind her to change them.

The two-storey mid-terrace house was completely destroyed in the blaze, which is not believed to have been started deliberately. The woman left internal doors open, leaving the fire to rip through the house in a matter of minutes.

Mark Mills, Watch Manager of Ilford fire station, said: “She’s incredibly lucky, considering the severity of the fire, that she and her daughter are here with us today, really lucky. They are all safe but she’s lost everything she had in there. It was only about 12 minutes between the fire starting and us getting there. This really does underline that you should get a smoke alarm and change the batteries regularly. If it goes off, close the doors if you can, to slow the fire and get your family out.”

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