Royal Wedding celebrations: East London Lines live from the best parties in South-East London

Deptford Project, Catalina May

The serious part of the royal wedding day is out of the way, the sun has finally made a (fleeting) appearance, and people across London are heading to their nearest streets, parks and pubs to celebrate the bank holiday in style.

ELL reporter Catalina May will be sampling a variety of the events in our boroughs and keeping you posted on what is happening in the area. Please send your own pictures an anecdotes to give today’s post a true community feel.


Photo: Catalina May

In St Katherine’s Dock the feeling is family-friendly and relaxed. There are couples sipping wine on the decks of their boats and crowds of children enjoying the sun and the water. The earlier screeing of the wedding was recieved with lots of cheers and some tears. It will be going on all evening and is definitely a family event.


Tredegar Square sun

Despite news of 45 arrests in central London, and three Brockley anarchists being held, celebration in Tredegar Square, Tower Hamlets, are well under way.

Tredegar Square

Amanda Mortimer said: “It’s great, I’ve seen people who I haven’t seen for years. It takes something like this for neighbours to start socialising again.”

Bow bunting


Our ELL correspondent is advising people not to got to the Leonard Street party in Shoreditch as crowds are overwhelming. Even people with wristbands are being turned away. “It’s crazy, people should not come,” said Ella Richardson.

However, there is an “unofficial” party happening outside the fences, so if you want to enjoy the vibe but avoid the queue you still can. Also, The Water Poet, 10 minutes down the road, has a distinctly East-End party going on and the crowds are not unbearable.


The Deptford Project Street Party had a great start; there was a luxurious indoor tea party and a cafe inside a train carriage. The crowd, mostly in fancy dress, had a relaxed, family atmosphere and the favourite stall was the traditional English cream tea, with cucumber sandwiches and strawberries.

However, the jovial mood soon changed part-way through the wedding ceremony when the big projector screen that had been set up to display the nuptials of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge experienced technical difficulties. Guests started to leave and there were audible grumbles from some rather unexpected voices. It seems that even the most cynical Republicans have been swept up by wedding fever.

That said, the day has continued with a happy, communal spirit. Vronni Ward from Lewisham said: “I’m here because I love the Royal Family and this is a perfect moment to celebrate with the community. The thing I’m most excited about is her dress, it’s beautiful!”

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