Haunted Tower Hamlets: Trapped Ghouls [video]

Mary Ann Nichols

 Across London, the most famous site for ghostly goings-on is undoubtedly the Tower of London.

 Dating back over 900 years, the Tower has played bloody host to some of English  history’s most infamous figures, from Anne Boleyn to Guy Fawkes.

It was this month, back in 1843, that King Edward IV suddenly died, leaving his 12-year-old son Edward V to ascend his throne. Before that could happen however, he and his brother Richard were sent to the Tower, apparently for their own protection. But after Parliament declared the boys illegitimate, their unce took the throne to become Richard III.

Soon after, in June, the boys disappeared, never to be seen again. For years, it was believed that Richard III had ordered their murder and the disposal of their bodies. Throughout the centuries, frightened witnesses would describe how they had seen two boys in the Tower.

People report seeing two childlike figures, dressed in nightgowns and clinging to each other in fear. The boys, if it be they, whimper pitifully, and elicit the sympathy of those who see them. But when witnesses reach out to them, the figures back away and slowly fade into the wall.

During renovations to the White Tower in 1674, two small skeletons were found under a staircase. Presumed to be the murdered Princes, they were removed and afforded Royal burial in Westminster Abbey.

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