Tax avoidance protestors ‘tour’ Canary Wharf


Campaigners protesting about tax avoidance by big corporations are to stage a ‘guided tour’ of Canary Wharf today.

In a protest aimed at the heart of capitalism, Tower Hamlets Uncut will be leading a group of ‘tourists’ on a route which takes in the headquarters of Barclays Bank and HSBC, as well as Bank of America, Citigroup and corporate law firm Allen and Overy.

The organisation said: “International finance treats Tower Hamlets like a tourist destination, with no regard for the people who live here.” It also encourages marchers to “bring something loud and a strong sense of justice”. The main body of ‘tourists’ are expected to be residents and workers of Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets has the highest level of child poverty in Britain, yet, due to reduction of funding from central government, the local council will be making £70 million of cuts to public services. Members of the movement are angry at the injustice of this situation when compared with the wealth of Canary Wharf and accusations of tax dodging levelled at bankers.

Tower Hamlets Uncut is one of the most active divisions of UK Uncut. It was formed in March by public sector workers, initially protesting bonuses totalling £110 million handed out by Barclays Bank to its top five employees. It led its own march through the Borough on 26th March, joining with the main TUC demonstration in central London.

The tour will depart at 5.30 from Canada Square.

By Jane McCallion

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