Celebrating bits and bytes on Silicon Roundabout

Shoreditch celebrating digital creativity

East London aims at becoming Britain’s Silicon Valley. One step towards it is the launch of the first Digital Shoreditch Festival. Games, iPads, apps and androit platforms are the key words buzzing about.

SheSays has organised the conference SCAMP, which looks at how digital influences the creative media and vice versa. Laura Jordan Bambach, founder of the company says: “It brings together not only advertisers, designers, artists, technologists, but it is for everyone and feeling part of a digital network and being inspired.”

Conference organizer Mel McVeigh points out: ”SCAMP is about new ideas, things that haven’t been launched yet and blends different creative approaches and shows the audience something that they would not see at any of the other digital events.”

Among the speakers at the conference were Michaela Schwing from Getty Images, who is currently working on her MA in Critical & Creative Analysis in the Sociology department at Goldsmith College, and Tom Uglow from Google, who previously worked for the Royal Academy of Arts.

Apart from the conferences and panel debates, the festival offers workshops, open studios and tech pub quizzes organised by participants such as the London Metropolitan University, Playgen und Musicmetric. On top of that the Technology Strategy Boardcalls for a competition provides up to £ 1m in innovative digital projects focusing on ‘tech city’ around Old Street and Shoreditch. The competition closes on May 26th, 2011. For more see www.innovateuk.org.

To help those, who are taking their first steps into the industry, the silicon milkroundabout set up an opportunity to meet London’s top tech startups, which are currently hiring for over 100 technical roles.

The Festival takes place at different venues in Shoreditch and runs until Saturday 7th May. For more information on how to join the digital hub go to: http://digitalshoreditch.com

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