School noise disturbance overlooked by council

Ravensdale Rd:Joshua Cox

As part of ‘Noise Action Week’, Hackney Council has pledged to provide further support for those affected by night time noise disturbances. The additional support this week will, however, do little for continuing day time noise disturbances, such as the controversial school playground on Ravensdale Road in Stoke Newington.

The measures implemented by the Council this week include an additional ten evening and early morning hours added to the Council’s noise service, as well as two new officers working at night.

On top of this, a Fixed Penalty Notice of £50-100 can be issued to any persistent offenders, having already received an official warning. The Council is said to be targeting the ‘commercial centres of the borough’.

These measures will do little for those affected by noise pollution in other circumstances. The school at 67 Ravensdale Road (as reported in The Hackney Gazette last week), had expanded into number 65 next door in order to use the garden as playground.

This is in spite of the fact that the original original planning permission, granted in 1997, expressly precluded the use of the garden as a playground and it has been met with fierce objection from local residents. Soloman, an elderly citizen who lives on Ravensdale Road told ELL:

We all objected, they have not listened. The kids screaming and shouting affects us all as local residents.

When told this week, that the Council had allowed the school to expand  in spite of the complaints of noise from children playing, he became noticeably agitated.

On one part they are combating noise pollution, on the other side they give consent to a school of 120 kids.

Other citizens in the area however appear more accepting of day time noise disturbances. Kate Ashdown, 42, when asked her opinion of the Ravensdale controversy by ELL, said:

If you ban a playground, where will it end? Children will always make noise and you just have to accept it.

Three other schools that have been established in residential property,  will be discussed by the council on June 7th. They are at  71 and 91 Amhurst Pk and 85 Fairholt Rd. In all  these cases residents living nearby have complained of noise. If you wish to comment on the plans you can do so here.

Visit the Noise Action Week website for more information.

Words by Rob Greer.

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