Factory Mouse Droppings Fine

The owner of frozen food distribution company Euroversal International has reassured the public that his produce is safe, after being fined almost £6,000 when mouse droppings were found in his factory in Tower Hamlets. The owner, Mr Chitta R. Das, pleaded guilty to six food hygiene offences on Friday 6 May at Thames Magistrates Court, and was fined £5,730. Tower Hamlets Council pressed charges after discovering a mouse infestation during a routine inspection of the company’s premises in Bromley-By-Bow in February 2010.

Hygiene officers found droppings on shelves, inside food packaging, and traces in the food itself.  As a result of the inspection, The Food Standards Agency urged the public not to eat the company’s ‘Mithaighar’ sweetened yoghurt, and recalled the product.

“There are no problems now, everything is absolutely fine,” Mr Das said. “We inspect and clean the unit regularly to make sure we meet Food Standards’ regulations.” Mr Das stressed that the product recall was put into place over a year ago: “It was such a long time ago. My company is no longer in a position to be criticised by Food Standards, so we are continuing production of Mithaighar.”

David Trolley, Environmental Health Manager, speaking to the Government’s News Distribution Service, said: “We want residents and visitors to the borough to be able to enjoy their food safe in the knowledge that it has been produced, stored and prepared in a hygienic manner.”

Euroversal International imports frozen fish from India, and distributes Asian sweets within the UK.

Steve Howe

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