Moss sparks rumours of Batman shoot in Croydon

Kate Moss. Photo: jingdianmeinv1, flickr

Since Kate Moss’s dramatic helicopter landing on the roof of a Croydon shopping centre, rumours have been flying that sections of the new Batman film are being filmed in the south London borough. Twitter users mistook the super-model’s mode of transport for a scene from the upcoming movie, which is being filmed this week in central London.

Parts of the capital have already been transformed into the fictional Gotham City, with police cars and vans already on the set around St John’s Street.

The Farmiloe building is once again being used  as Gotham City’s police station, as it did in the two previous Batman movies.

However, rumours are rife that Croydon will also feature in the film.

The Delta Point, one of Croydon’s landmark buildings, could even face a CGI induced destruction, according to the Croydon Guardian.

“Eskimosie” wrote on Twitter on Friday:

Some of the new Batman film being filmed in Croydon??! Ooh! I knew moving here would have its advantages!!

“Zzzzztt” believes the filming has already taken place, tweeting on Monday:

Just found out they have been filming new Batman film in a secret Croydon location. Christian Bale and rumour says, Johnny Depp as Riddler!

A spokesman for Croydon council could not confirm whether any filming would take place in the borough.

He said the council had not received any demand for filming on council owned areas.

The spokesman did say, however, the council was aware of the rumours and found it particularly amusing that some local paper’s were running a headline announcing the possible destruction of a landmark building.

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