Obama along the East London Lines trail [video]

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

A heavy police presence on the New Kent road suggested something special was going on.Away from the New Den it is unusual to see so many police officers surrounding a block of the New Kent road. On leaving the bus, it quickly became apparent that this was not one of those frequent traffic incidents that we see so much in London. This incident was inspired by the visit of a very special tourist to South London.

Barack Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron gave a surprise visit to the Globe Academy in Harper Road, Bermondsey yesterday afternoon that offered the residents of Southwark and Lewisham a chance to get up close to the most powerful man in the world.

Crowds gathered on every corner of Harper road as Mr Obama and Mr Cameron visited the school’s science lab and joined students in a game of table tennis.

Globe Academy principle, Jason Baigent, said to ITV1’s London tonight that he’d been contacted late last week by the White House and Downing street about the President’s desire to visit the school. Mr Baigent said he didn’t tell his staff until half an hour before Mr Obama arrived.

Southwark Council Leader, Peter John, tweeted:

Apparently President Obama is in Southwark. Nice to be kept in the loop!

We wrote to invite him to visit a local school some weeks ago when we knew he was coming and I’m pleased that he was able to see for himself the real progress that is being made to give local people all the chances they deserve to make the best for themselves, with improving school results, unrivalled regeneration projects and a really strong sense of community.

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