Pete Doherty under private prosecution threat

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty

The family of an actor who died at an east London party  have threatened to launch private prosecutions against singer Pete Doherty and two of his friends, if the police fail to bring charges.Mark Blanco, 30, died in December 2006 after falling from a balcony at a flat in Whitechapel, where he was attending a party. The incident happened shortly after he had allegedly had a confrontation with Pete Doherty and two friends of ex-Libertines singer, Paul Roundhill and Johnny Jeannevol.

Mr and Mrs Blanco claim that their son was unlawfully killed. But Roundhill, Doherty and Jeannevol deny any wrongdoing.

Scotland Yard’s initial probe found that Mark Blanco had jumped to his death. But at the inquest, the coroner, Dr Andrew Reid, ruled out both a verdict of suicide and accidental death, and ordered a second independent investigation.

Frustrated with the police inquiries, the Blanco family decided to carry out their own investigation. Their report was handed to Scotland Yard last July. It includes expert testimony from  neurobiology Professor Richard Wassersug, who concluded  that the two most likely explanations for  the death were that Mark was either backed into the railings and pushed over or that he was not conscious and was dropped over the railing.

The findings of the Blanco family investigation have been studied by the Crown Prosecution Service, and CPS officials are expected to make a decision on whether there will be any prosecutions. They have requested a private meeting with Mrs Blanco at the Old Bailey on Thursday this week.

Doherty, Roundhill and Jeannevol deny any wrongdoing.

Doherty is due in court on May 20th where he will be sentenced after pleading guilty to  possession of cocaine.

EastLondonlines reported last year on the death of another associate of Doherty, Robin Whitehead.

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