Teen jailed for carrying gun and mask on train

Mitchell Woods and the clown mask he had whilst carrying a loaded gun

Mitchell Woods had the clown mask and gun in his bag. Photo: British Transport Police

A teenager from Haggerston in Hackney has been given three years of youth custody after he was caught carrying a loaded gun and a clown mask on a train in Kent. The 17-year-old was arrested at Higham train station in the early hours of January 29 this year.

A man had called the police after Woods handed him the semi-automatic pistol, covering his own hand with a sock, while they were waiting for a train at Chatham station.

The teenager had also told the witness that the gun was loaded. The pair then boarded the train, which was stopped at Higham.

Officers found the loaded firearm tucked in Woods’ bag, along with the clown mask.

Semi automatic pistol carried by Mitchell Woods from Haggerston on train to Kent

The gun has since been linked to three London shootings. Photo: British Transport Police

The National Ballistics Intelligence Service found the gun had been previously used in three gang-related shootings in London.

In one of those, a person was shot three times with the weapon.

Judge Michael Carroll praised the witness for his courage and awarded him a £350 reward from the High Sheriff’s Fund.

The investigating officer, Detective Constable Gee, said he hoped the three-year sentence would send “the clearest possible message” to those who are found to carry live or imitation weapons on a train.

Haggerston was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Monday 9th May.

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