Woman left with no vote after mix-up with mum

Some were given no choice in the referendum

A woman from Croydon was denied the chance to vote in the AV referendum when staff at her local polling station crossed her off the list because her mother’s vote had already been cast in her name.

Claire Rodin, 22, a teacher from the borough of Merton, who has lived in Croydon most of her life, said she was “appalled” when she went to give her verdict on electoral reform only to discover that her vote had already been cast.

Ms Rodin  went to vote at the Dundonald Ward in the Merton borough after she had finished work, but when she got to choosing whether to vote yes or no she was told that her mother Sandra had cast a vote in her name.

Ms Rodin said: “I was shocked to hear that because of carelessness and human error I was denied one of my rights as a UK citizen.

“It’s ridiculous that such an avoidable mistake could prevent me from making my choice in something that I feel strongly about.”

Ms Rodin, who teaches English at Coombe Boys’ school in New Malden, said that she first contacted the local Liberal Democrats to seek advice.

Anthony Fairclough, Secretary of the Merton Borough Liberal Democrats said: “I am very sad to hear this news” but explained that it may still be possible to vote and helped Ms Rodin get in touch with electoral services.

Ms Rodin’s mother, Sandra, 50, who works for HMRC and inadvertently took her daughter’s vote said: “I was disappointed with the way she was treated, especially as my daughter is a young voter.”

A representative from Merton council electoral services contacted Ms Rodin to confirm what had happened and try to ensure that her vote would still be valid. A representative said that they “are dealing with it” and had to investigate.

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