Young driver week to reduce road deaths

Anti Drink Driving campaign. Image: Nick J Webb

Croydon Borough is launching a young driver week to help save lives. The project in early August seeks to offer young people advice on road safety and how to save money when learning how to drive. The 17-24 age group is said to be involved in the highest number of collisions on the road and while there are many reasons for this, two of the major ones are attitude and experience. Listening to iPods and texting while driving have been reported as new distractions leading to young driver accidents.

Croydon Young Driver Week is a partnership between Croydon Road safety and DIAmond Advanced Motorists.

Parents will also be offered advice on topics such as how to choose a driving instructor, supervising young drivers, refresher driving and advanced driving.

Driving. Image: Alan_D

The half-day session includes in-car training in dual-controlled cars and basic skills such as parking and how to change a wheel.

There will also be advice on the common dangers and distractions related to young drivers such as alcohol and mobile phones.

The project follows a nation-wide move by local authorities in Britain to find ways of reducing the proportion of young driver fatalities. In August last year experts from across the country gathered for a Road Safety Summit that even discussed the use of an electronic monitoring device for novice drivers.

Any moves to reduce the number of young driver accidents, injuries and fatalities will also help to lower the heavy insurance premiums being quoted by vehicle policy companies. Many young drivers now pay over £2,000 per year to get insured.

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Croydon Young Driver Week

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