44 Frocks pop-up in Wapping

Laura Henson and Vicky Flores

44 Frocks is to open a pop-up shop in Wapping at the end of the month. Managing director Laura Henson, is teaming up with a new business partner, Vicky Flores, who she met on Twitter, to open up a pop up boutique for a limited period of time at 29 Thomas More Street next to St Katherine’s docks.

Henson started her trade by organising frock parties at east end locations such as Tower Hill and Broadway market. Women can request an invite to a 44 frock party and a guest list of 30 people are served tea and cakes while the 44 dresses are presented.

Alternatively customers can host private parties in their own homes with the same concept of a group of friends, 44 dresses and drinks and snacks.

The idea is that guests can relax, try on and buy, original designer dresses such as Marc Jacobs and Nicole Farhi at much lower prices, giving the working fashionista the chance to treat herself and socialise- without emptying out her bank account.

Henson said that “most of the dresses are brand new, with a few vintage choices.”

The new boutique, which has been organised by Henson and business partner Vicky Flores, will keep the  basic idea of 44 Frocks.

The plan is : “to have an apartment feel, with nibbles still being available,” says Henson. This will give a relaxing atmosphere and will also open the business to more people wanting to get their hands on classic dresses at lower prices.

The difference between the new shop and the original 44 Frocks is that the shop will be open all day and to many more customers. More than 44 dresses are going to be up for grabs as well as jewellery and accessories. For the first time boys will also be welcome. Laura is also hoping to take her exclusive pop up boutique to Notting Hill in July.


Seema Hakim

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