Architects assemble a new creative space – under the A12

To some, it might be just a litter filled, neglected space underneath the A12 flyover in Hackney Wick.

But for the next six weeks,  the space will become a ‘home’ to a  group  of young architects who have turned it into a creative area for local people

The group, most of whom met during their studies at Cambridge and recently named themselves Assemble,  are the winners of  The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Create Award to build a space for cultural events on a disused site in Hackney.

Assemble originally came together last year to construct the Cineroleum, a temporary cinema formed out a former petrol station in Clerkenwell.  With up to 600 petrol stations facing closure Assemble decided to create a prototype to encourage people to re-use these derelict spaces in a creative way.

Folly For a Flyover, the project for which they won the award, continues this theme. The building is being constructed on an otherwise derelict site under the A12.

The materials used on the site have been sourced from across Hackney Wick, the floor tiles donated by a local factory and the wood from the Olympic Park site across the canal. The entire site will be dry assembled so that the materials can later be used for other purposes.

Members of Assemble build with their own hands and encourage others to get involved.  One of the architects, Alice Edgerly, 23, said that from the moment they were allowed onto the site, they have all been there “seven days a week, 8am until 10pm.”

For the next six weeks Folly For a Flyover will host events, including cinema, theatre, boat tours and drop in workshops.  The programme has been developed in partnership with the Barbican’s Watch Me Move: The Animation Exhibition.

ELL spoke to Angus Fitchie, a member of Assemble, about the A-12 project:



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