Dog exclusion orders considered by council

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Hackney council is consulting the public over new measures to curb dogs. This follows the killing by dogs of a deer and a Canada Goose in Clissold park, Stoke Newington, and growing concern over the breeding of what are called “status dogs”   bred for their aggression.

The council has the right under a law passed in  2005 to implement control orders (yes ASBOS for dogs). The orders under consideration are:

  • a ‘dog exclusion’ order, which would enable the Council to stop dogs from entering certain areas including children’s playgrounds, sports courts, multi-use games areas, and marked pitches where games are in-play
  • a ‘dogs on leads’ order, which would stop owners from exercising dogs off-lead on roads or towpaths or in car parks, communal areas on estates, churchyards and small public parks and gardens under half a hectare in size
  • a ‘dogs on leads where requested’ order, which would give officers the power to request that dogs are put on leads where they are not under the appropriate control of their owner, or where they are causing damage or acting aggressively.

Councillor Sophie Linden,  says: “We know that most dog owners in Hackney are responsible and control their dogs in public. We also understand the pleasure that owning a dog can bring. However, residents have told us they are concerned by the minority of owners who allow their dogs to act aggressively and intimidate other people and animals. Through this consultation, we are asking what residents think about our proposals, which we believe will help us tackle irresponsible dog ownership in Hackney.”

There is clearly a growing level of concern about  dogs and dog owners. In a Greater London Authority survey in December last year  43% of Londoners said they were concerned about nuisance or dangerous dogs in their local parks.

John Hudson, Secretary of the Clissold Park User Group, told the Hackney Citizen  that he was “appalled” by the death of the goose, but added that “Clissold Park dog owners are very responsible in the overwhelming majority of cases.”

You can contribute to Hackney Council’s consultation on dog control  until 14 August. Visit  the council’s website, or phone 020 8356 4504 to request a paper copy.

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