Confusion over Banksy-style graffiti

Photo: Christina Adamidou

Earlier this week a new work of art appeared on a wall in Lower Clapton: an image of a young boy sitting on a stool and smoking a cigar while reading a book which says, ‘Know Your Enemy.’

Stencilled next to the wall of Babrul Matin’s Project Cars, in Andre Street, it was immediately assumed to be the work of  renowned street artist, Banksy.

But despite the claims, UK Street Art website, Hookedblog, has been pointed out the image was by British stencil artist, JPS. The street artist has stencilled similar images on the streets of Weston-super-Mare where he is based.

Garage worker Ismail Nas was the first person to notice the work of art on Monday morning. He believes the image was stencilled last Sunday.

Matin said: “I think it is an interesting image. However, I find it offensive that he utilized my piece of property without my consent. I would rather it not be here.”

“I like graffiti but they should be done in the right context: in the right time and the right place.”

Mehet Ahmed, owner of neighbouring ‘Ozdemir London’ garage, said:”I don’t think it looks like Banksy. I like Banksy’s art but I think this one is a fraud.”

Additional reporting: Tevin Robinson and Shavay Manhertz

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