Hackney Wicked: Coracle racing, music, cakes. And some great art

A great weekend is in store in Hackney Wick

Described as ”a post-apocalyptic world where only the artists survived” the Hackney WickED Arts Festival returns this weekend, for the fourth successive year.

This years event, based around Hackney Wick and Fish Island, lasts from Friday to Sunday and features  exhilarating exhibitions portraying  the work of local artists – from pop up galleries to open studios and displays from both local and overseas artists.  And there is even coracle racing, live music, cinema and a house under the A12 flyover….

Gallery Exhibitions

After its success last year, this year’s 3 day exhibitions are promising to go off with a bang. There are some amazing Pop Up Galleries beginning this Friday such as ‘A Tea Room With A View’ (http://www.run-riot.com/wild-card/hackney-wicked-presents-tea-room-view-oslo-house) which is a free event offering a selection of cakes and teas to enjoy while you are surrounded by an array of insightful photography, architectural prints and drawings with various performances of cabaret, dance and music.

We have returning artists such as Leo Cohen (http://www.theleocohen.com), who is the visual artist responsible for last year’s show ‘Hackney Wikipedia’ who this year is showcasing ‘Kwick Love’ (http://hackneywickedfestival.co.uk/?gallery=kwik-love).

We also can look forward to Resident Galleries such as ‘Fighting Fire With Ice Cream’ (http://www.seestudio.com/#fighting-fire-with-ice-cream-alex-chinneck) by Alex Chinneck who utilises everyday construction materials in a galvanising fashion and also Elevator Gallery who have been here since the birth of the festival and hosts an exceptional collection of work from artists at the early stages of their careers.


‘Folly For a Flyover’ (http://www.follyforaflyover.co.uk/) is a 6 week cinematic experience hosting waterside cinema, performances, plays and boat rides. It is here this weekend, opening with ‘Hackney WickED Presents Video and Short Films’ (http://hackneywickedfestival.co.uk/?page_id=5628) which is a free event presenting short films and art made in or around the local area.


Hackney WickED is hosting a large array of music artists this weekend on their main stage. We have a wide selection of genres playing from London based band Ma’grass (http://www.myspace.com/grassimatthew) who are renownd for their fusion of contemporary and funk to Freddy Frogs (http://www.myspace.com/freddyfrogshead)an a British electronica and ska artist to Spritwo (http://spiritwo.wordpress.com/) a London band fusing electro hard rock and world music influences and many, many more, with performances up to 10pm.

Other things on

Also on this weekend is the Coracle Regatta; (http://www.coracleregatta.blogspot.com/) a lighthearted, fun race in a one person boat this Sunday from 3pm-6pm. It is its 6th annual race at Hackney WickED and accumulates contenders from all around the country. For those just wanting to observe, refreshments are available from the supporting hosts The Eton Mission Rowing Club along with a live commentary.

The main festival website is here. You can read ELL’s earlier report on Folly for a Flyover here

Words: Myozen Ingram-Peters

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