We ask the people: what are your birthday wishes for the NHS

Pic: Larengeg. People have their say

As the National Health Service reaches it’s 63rd birthday today, is it a time of celebration or uncertainty for centrepiece of the welfare state. EastLondonLines spoke to locals in south London to find out what birthday wishes they would send to the NHS as it faces some of the biggest challenges in its history.

Personal Touch

Chris Baldick, 56, a lecturer, from New Cross, said:“It has done well for my family, but needs a lot of changes such as adapting to an aging population. It could also be a lot more flexible.”

Lorna May, 43, a playworker, from Forest Hill said:“My Dad was ill with blood poisoning and the NHS added an extra three years on his life, they looked after him superbly. I would especially like to wish St Thomas’ Hospital, who cared for him, a big happy birthday.”

Annie Begernie , 24, a bar worker from Lewisham said: “My Mum works for the NHS and it’s not all been good of course but when I broke my wrist in another country it made me realize how good our health service was. In my opinion, there’s nothing else like it in the world so I hope it keeps going. ”

Cut’ the cake talk

Bello Edox, 37, supermarket employee, New Cross said: “So far so good, but there’s always room for improvement. I don’t want the government to bring in the cuts to affect services”

Carmel Perrier, 43, teaching assistant, New Cross said: “The cuts are terrible, I hope [the NHS] survive them.”

Happy Birthday

Phillomena Skgoren,79, a pensioner, from Brockley said: “Happy birthday, may it continue”

Margaret Kempster , 58, a disabled pensioner, New Cross said: “Happy Birthday! I hope it keeps going for another 63 years!”

Terrance Trotman, 25, sales Assistant, New Cross, said: “I would like to say keep up the good work, especially the specialist hospitals. I commend the work of the London Chest Hospital, that’s where I’m off now actually.”

Couldn’t care less who’s birthday it was

Esso Edde, 40, London Overground employee, Bermondsey said: “Its never given me a good service, whenever you have a problem and take a test, the results never come back. I’ve had blood tests which never came.”

Words: Lilufa Uddin, Sophie Williams and Camille Dawson

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