Travellers deliver their verdict on 2012 Games congestion fears

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With the 2012 Olympics exactly a year away, many people are concerned over whether London’s struggling and congested underground network can handle the massive amount of extra passengers.

Business travellers are being urged by the government to plan their routes now as London is to expect an extra 20 million journeys on public transport, doubling the trips taken on a normal day to 6.5 million.

The main underground lines to be affected are the Central Line and Jubilee line to Stratford, ferrying people to the Olympic Park every day, while the East London Line that goes from Islington to Croydon is also likely to become severely congested.

ELL went to Canada Water station where the London Overground and Jubilee underground lines intersect, to find out what our commuters are making of the changes and ask: could Mayor Boris Johnson and the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games be doing more?

Damien Reed, 20, a student from Charlton: “I travel in the Jubilee line a fair amount but I’m not particularly worried, I think they’ve informed the people well and there’s obviously going to be people who oppose it but I think its going to be alright. I’m going to be working there next year and it should be fun!”

Maria Fossa


Maria Fossa, 32, from Crouch End “There is going to be a lot of mess for the amount of money they are spending, but I’m not that worried about my travel plans, I’m sure they’ve done enough for the people and I’m looking forward to it next year.”





Nardini Jeffrey

Nardini Jeffrey,  64, an electrician from Bermondsey: “I always travel on the Jubilee line, almost every day and I’m worried that the changes are going to affect early morning travel. I think it’s all about the Olympics and the reputation of the city rather than you or I, but I’m still looking forward to it, I like the Olympics.






Lauren Bradberry

Lauren Bradberry, 28, chef, from Canada Water: “I’ve seen some of the plans for travel on television and I travel a lot so I’m quite concerned. What with the number of tourists, and the Jubilee line being the newest line, it’s always congested anyway, imagine it next year! I believe more could have been done for the people in general.”






Sultan Mirza, 22, an accountant, from Canada Water: “I travel a lot so I’m worried to some extent for weekdays especially, weekends not so much. They could’ve done a lot more to help the people”

Words: Penniana Permal

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