Lord Major of London backs bid for City status

Canary Wharf: Oliver Mallich

The Lord Mayor of London, Michael Bear, is backing the Tower Hamlets bid for City status. At this news, bookmakers have reduced the odds on Tower Hamlets winning from 40-1 to 16-1 . Bear is enthusiastic about a chain of ‘cities’ running thorough London.

Twenty local authorities are competing to be named as the next city as part of the Queen’s diamond Jubilee celebrations next year.

Tower Hamlets will have to beat bids from Croydon as well as Blackpool, Middlesbrough and current favourite Reading.

When the bid was announced in May, Tower Hamlets mayor, Lutfur Rahman said:

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman said: “I feel being a city would be a fantastic boost to the borough and really show what we have to offer. We are unique in that we have a thriving business and shopping district in Canary Wharf, an innovative arts scene, a first-rate university on our doorstep in Queen Mary, and a vibrant community spirit, which has embraced different groups of people throughout our history.

“The royal wedding celebrations which I attended were testament to the genuine community spirit that exists in the borough and there is a real appetite to build on this pride and let everyone know what an amazing place Tower Hamlets is. I hope residents will support our bid to become a city.”

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