Reeves furniture store re-opens today

Reeves Corner: By Il Fatto Quotidiano

Reeves furniture stores, gutted by fire less than three weeks ago is re-born today (Friday) just across the road from the destroyed older store. The re-born Reeves was a already in use as a smaller annex to the main store. According to Trevor Reeves, owner of the store which had been in the family for 150 years, it had also had its windows smashed, stock looted and trashed and had suffered smoke damage.

“The day after the fire, all our staff turned up and started cleaning up, sorting out and getting stock back in,” he told the BBC Today programme.

For those less fortunate who might need a little more help to get re-started, a One Stop Shop to help residents and businesses affected by the outbreak of rioting in the borough will open on Friday.  The shop will provide immediate advice and support to victims ranging from insurance claims to emergency and housing benefits. See more on this here.

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