EDL defy ban but find a hostile welcome in East London from United East End and UAF

EDL in London @mrmatthewtaylor

The EDL never made it to Tower Hamlets where a large number of anti-fascists had congregated to stop them.

The picture shows about 300 EDL members being escorted from their rallying point in Kings Cross on the way to Tower Hamlets earlier.

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5.45: The crowd is dispersing. According to the Met press office there were only five arrests today for offences including:” affray, possession of drugs and drunk and disorderly.”

United Against Fascism organiser Martin Smith tweeted: “What a magnificent day – the edl did not march in Tower Hamlets/ Tommy Robinson arrested/ HO ban broken – 3 Sept …”

EDL 3rd Sept

EDL marching out of Tower Hamlets: Sophia Ignatidou

5.17: Sophia Ignatidou is still at Tower Bridge she says: “The police are letting EDL members out one by one through a small corridor but the front row is still pushing.5.10 The Metropolitan Police have just tweeted: “The #edl static demo has now concluded. The UAF are now returning to their starting point #uafeastend #towerhamlets.”

Police and dogs at Liverpool st: @EverythingEDL

Police and dogs at Liverpool st: @EverythingEDL

5.08: The EDL marchers have been ‘kettled’ on the south side of Tower Bridge and are pushing to try and get through the cordon.

4.55: Sophia Ignatidou reports that there are few anti- fascist demonstrators anywhere near the EDL as they march towards Tower Bridge, well away from Whitechapel. Apart from some name calling there have been no confrontations. The police are clearly anxious and have been spotting shouting at tourists to “move”. But the demonstration appears to be contained.

4.35: “They have now moved on towards Tower Gateway.”

4.30: Sophia Ignatidou is at Aldgate she says: “The EDL are marching from Aldgate Station. They are surrounded by police. One of their banners says: ‘England: love it or leave it’.  “They are calling photographers ‘fuckin vultures’.

3.40: Tommy Robinson of the EDL came to London dressed as a rabbi and took off his hat and beard as he addressed the EDL crowd. He was led away by police. We have not been able to verify suggestions that he has been arrested.

3.15: There are reports that trains are no longer stopping at Whitechapel.

3.00pm: Reports that the police are preventing the anti-EDL protesters from moving down towards Aldgate where the EDL are gathering.

3.00pm: Steve Parry reports: “A carnival atmosphere in Tower Hamlets”. He says: “Looks like the EDL will get nowhere near.”

2.00pm a large build up of police reported near Aldgate (reported by Mark Townsend of the Observer)

1.40pm Nick Lowles for Hope not Hate says that Kings Cross station has been closed by the RMT but we have no way of verifying this information. This has been repeated by Matthew Taylor of the Guardian.

1.30pm A tweet from Kings Cross says that the station has just been evacuated.

Mark Townsend (Home Affairs editor of the Observer), tweeting from Whitechapel, reports a large crowd of ‘Tower Hamlets’ lads gathering. With an additional 2000 supporters.

There have been numerous reports of EDL members meeting and drinking in Kings Cross pubs before getting on their way.

police Liverpool st @kit_withnail

According to  Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate,  there is also a large contingent drinking at Wetherspoons at Liverpool Street. Lit Withnail reports a massive police presence at Liverpool St. See picture.


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