Twelve-year-old Hackney rioter sentenced

Clarence Convenience Store fragment. Pic: gavsten, flickrA 12-year-old boy who stole crisps and chocolate from a shop in Hackney and threw bottles at police officers during the riots last month has received a nine-month referral order.

The youngster pleaded guilty to violent disorder and theft on August 8, in Hackney, at a hearing at Thames Magistrates’ Court.

Taiwo Adesina, prosecuting, told the court the boy had been seen on CCTV throwing bottles at police and attempting to set fire to a building.

The youth told District Judge Lacqueline Comyns that he had also stolen crisps and chocolate from Clarence Convenience Store, contributing to the store’s estimated £50,000 damage.

The store was reopened on 19 August after £20,000 was raised through the Help Silva appeal.

The referral order will mean community payback work and helping clear up damage caused during riots.

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