‘Bieber Fever’ hits Stratford’s Westfield

Justin Bieber, pic: kindofadraag

Justin Bieber is due to turn on the Christmas lights at Westfield Stratford on 7th November. Due to a wide spread outbreak of Bieber Fever there are 10,000 people expected to attend the events at Stratford and Shepherds Bush Westfields.

We know that Stratford is not on the East London Line, but for this extra special occasion, we’ve decided to make an exception (as we did with other major events in the London calender such as the Royal Wedding) and you can get there so easily from here.

One hundred lucky fans will have the opportunity to meet their hero by entering a competition held by Westfield on Facebook. So far over 110,000 people have applied. I’m one of them and I’m already losing sleep over the prospect of winning the competition.

I’m not sure whether I’m the only 20 year old on the planet who loves Justin Bieber, or whether I’m the only one who’s mad enough to admit it, but I can declare that I, Sophie Brown, have got a bad case of Bieber Fever.

There is no cure for my sickness, the growing obsession with my heartthrob takes over my day to day life. I spend a rather unhealthy amount of time day-dreaming about Justin Bieber, reading about Justin Bieber and listening to Justin Bieber. Some might say I’m Bieber on the brain, or maybe I’m just a true Belieber, either way, I’ve got the fever, and so have millions of others world wide.

Bieber will be performing four of the songs off his much anticipated Christmas album, one of which being the hit ‘Mistletoe’ which has received a whopping 19.7 million views on Youtube.

It’s not just fans of Justin Bieber who are excited for his appearances in London. Both of the shopping centre’s many restaurants and bars are well prepared for his arrival and the inevitable boom in business they will receive. Michael Gutman, Managing Director of Europe and New Markets, said: “We are incredibly excited that Justin Bieber is launching Christmas 2011 for Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City. We want to light up the capital and turn the world’s attention to London with Justin’s presence and make this an unforgettable event for his fans and our visitors.”

Justin Bieber will first perform at 5pm at Chestnut Plaza at Westfield Stratford before being whisked across London to perform at 7:45pm at The Atrium at Westfield London. At both performances, children from the Teenage Cancer Trust- Westfield’s nominated Christmas charity- will be joining him on stage to turn on the lights.

Symptoms of Bieber Fever include: your heart melting when you hear him sing, your heart fluttering when you see him smile, thinking of Justin Bieber as a God-like being, watching videos of him on Youtube 24/7, bursting into tears of frustration because you just know you’re meant to be together and many more inconveniences. If you suffer from any of these, it is advisable that you head to Westfield Stratford or Westfield London at 7am on the 7th November to be in for a chance of seeing him perform and turn on the Christmas lights.

Wristbands are handed on a strictly first come first serve basis, so be sure to get there early and prepare for battle to commence.



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