Kingsland Shopping Centre Revisited

Eastern Curve Garden To Go; Open Dalston

Last week ELL reported the publication of the Dalston Action Plan. Since then blogs have started to highlight key developments.

Central to plans are suggestions for two high-rise developments near Ridley Road.  One is to be a new 17-storey block at 51-57 Kingsland High Street, which is the current location of the Peacock store next to the Kingsland overground station.

According to the Open Dalston blog, the developer will have to invest in the re-modeling of the Kingsland overground station if the plans are finalized.

The Kingsland Shopping centre is seen by the council as a suitable site for another 15-storey tower. The aim is that the developers would get planning permission in return for regenerating the area and increasing retail and business opportunities.

The area currently occupied by the Eastern Curve garden (pictured above) is also to be redeveloped into an area for cafes and restaurants. It currently serves as a temporary space for workshops, events and growing vegetables.

Across the road in the newly created Dalston Square, Starbucks has agreed to open a branch with tables and umbrellas to be set outside. Doubts have been raised by Open Dalston:

“Unfortunately, as Hackney’s Environmental Consultants advised before Dalston Square was built, the limited sunlight and high wind speeds (the canyon effect) created by the new towerblocks will not make Dalston Square generally suitable for sitting out. Still, it’ll be the place to go if you want the froth blown off your capuccino.”

The Action plan is displayed online for the locals to review the proposals until November 3 at 4pm when a decision will be made.




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