Kirstie Allsopp helps clean up Croydon

Allsopp and the group. Pic: Paula Claytonsmith - Twitter

TV personality Kirstie Allsopp was picking up litter in Croydon yesterday as part of the Love Where You Live (LWYL) campaign.

The LWYL campaign, started in 2010 by Keep Britain Tidy, “aims to inspire, encourage and enable us to make where we live, work and play the kind of place we really want it to be.”

Allsopp, an ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy, has been active in encouraging communities to get involved in keeping their neighbourhoods litter-free. The organization has been ongoing for 50 years, started by women who wanted to reduce litter across Britain.

After a successful day clearing up in Brickfield Meadow, East Croydon, Allsopp wrote on her Twitter: “Amazing day with @LWYLengland we collected a ton & a half of litter in an hour!!”

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman was also on hand in Croydon helping with the campaign.

Other litter reducing groups in Croydon include the Croydon Social Action Team (CSAT), set up by Croydon MP Gavin Barwell, which has also set up tidy-up events around Croydon in past months.

The LWYL campaign encourages locals to take pride in their community, as amongst many things it will reduce public spending on litter clear-up in the future.

Allsopp has said: “It’s your money that could be spent on schools and hospitals and things we really need.”

Events across Britain have been held with the help of Allsopp and other ambassadors, promoting responsibility for litter and more eco-friendly ways of disposing of it.

Keep Britain Tidy encourages individuals to take initiatives in keeping their environments clean. Allsopp says you should start small: “With your garden, your street, your area.”


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