Rioters who robbed New Cross Currys Jailed

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Three New Cross looters have been jailed for their crimes during the riots this summer.

The two men and the teenager, local to New Cross, were caught looting the Currys on New Cross Road in August.

Bill Chisoko, 18, of Wild Goose Drive and Mark Patterson, 24, of Queens Road, were both sentenced to 16 months for burglary. The unnamed 17-year-old student was sentenced to 12 months in a young offenders institute, also for burglary.

They were sentenced this past Friday, October 21, at Inner Crown Court after being caught by police on August 8th.

They were caught attempting to steal electrical equipment from Currys, including a television, iPod docking station and a Freeview box.

Detective Constable Abraham Pino, from the Operation Withern team said: “The sentences that these individuals have received shows that those who thought they could get away with pillaging from our communities will be made to pay for their actions.”

Police arrived at the scene that evening following phone calls from concerned residents, reporting that a number of people were looting Currys.

Detective Constable Pino is part of the post-investigation team following the Lewisham lootings, who are still following up Lewisham arrests. He said: “I am, along with the rest of my team, fully committed to finding those responsible and bringing them to justice.”

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