Residents complain about rubbish collections

Rubbish problems. Pic: Marjie Kennedy

Croydon locals are getting increasingly frustrated with the council’s rubbish and recycling schedule.

Following the schedule change from weekly to fortnightly rubbish collections, locals have been voicing concerns over the reductions, especially in light of the governments £250 million fund to keep weekly collections.

Communities secretary Eric Pickles said rubbish collection is a ‘basic right.’

However, the new plan has not had a promising start, as leaflets with wrong scheduling information were sent out, resulting in overflowing bins across Croydon.

A representative for Croydon council said: “We have found a small number of roads that appear to have had incorrect collection calendars delivered… Most of these problems should have been rectified over the weekend.”

Issues have arisen in regards to the complexity of schedule as well, with locals saying that the new schedule is too hard to follow.

There are also concerns amongst residents that a disorganised schedule will result in a rat problem.

On top of this  some residents have found it hard to get their opinions heard by the council. “That Woman’s Blog” said that the council: “Seem hell bent on putting every possible obstacle in residents’ way.”

When announcing the change earlier this year, the council said that fortnightly collections would: “Save taxpayers £600,000 next year,” the compromise being additional weekly food waste collections.

Residents cannot seem to agree on the topic, as some say the food waste bin is too small, others say it’s too big, whilst some say it’s useless.

Similar collection schedules have been implemented in Penge and Bromley, and are managing well with the new system.



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