London Riots Inspire Hackney watch artist

Wilcox watches inspired by the riots, photo: Dominic Wilcox Press

Dominic Wilcox, 36, an artist based in Hackney has created a series of miniature clocks, Moments in Time, capturing scenes from the London riots.

A resident of the borough, Wilcox says he felt  compelled to create the sculptures as a result of what he witnessed during one of the worst outbreak of violence in the local area.

He said: “I had to cross over Mare Street in Hackney to get home while the rioting was starting. I saw the police seemingly unsure how to react to what was happening. There was a boy running with a TV down a back street.

“I decided to recreate this scene in one of my watches. A hooded youth carrying an LCD TV around on the second hand while a riot policeman looks on from the minute hand.

“The idea started with wondering if the hands of watches could carry objects around. After some testing I realised that it was possible. I then set about thinking about situations relating to time passing and people passing each other repeatedly.”

The series of seven sculptures, each costing £500, feature tiny, hand-crafted figures attached to the second and minute hands of each watch. They are currently on display at Dezeen Space, Rivington Street, until October 16. One shows a man cleaning up the streets after the riots, while another is an illustration of daily interactions among people.

Wilcox explains he wanted to explore this aspect of human relationship because: “My work is very much about observing the everyday things that people do. I like to put a little spotlight on those fleeting moments. The ‘Unrequited handshake’ watch sculpture has a man standing with folded hands while another passes by on the second hand with an out-stretched hand in the hope he will shake it. He never does.”

Wilcox hopes the sculptures, which are made from vintage mechanical watches and customised model figures, will cause people to react in some way. He added: “I don’t mind whether it creates a smile or a feeling of sadness. I tend to make things for my own interest and if other people also enjoy them then that’s great.”

Moments in Time is on display at Dezeen Space, Rivington Street, until October 16. To find out more, go to: Dominic Wilcox

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