Millwall FC to get new station

Locals campaign in Lewisham. Pic: Lewisham Council

Millwall Football Club will finally get connected with the East London Line, as the plans for Surry Canal Road Station are back on track.

For the past year the station has only been in the proposal stage, as the Department for Transport refused £7 million funding.

The station was to be jointly funded by Lewisham Council and Transport for London.

The developer, Renewal, has agreed to provide the missing funding for the construction of the new railway station, in order to enable their development work in Millwall area.

If construction goes ahead, locals will get their own ‘sporting village.’ The sports centres will include basketball, gymnastics, table tennis, badminton, boxing, hockey, cricket, and weightlifting.

Renewal estimates that the project will create 2,000 job opportunities.

The railway station will be a part of East London Lines Overground network with trains operating between Surrey Quays and Clapham junction.

Lewisham Deputy Mayor Councillor Alan Smith, said: “I welcome the investment in this area and I’m particularly glad that we are going to get a new station at Surrey Canal Road.”

“The government reneged on a plan to build a station so we are pleased that Renewal have stepped in and will work with the Council to make it a reality.”

The development of the land around Millwall’s football ground will cost around £850 million and ensuring financing will rest in Boris Johnson’s hands.

A Lewisham Council spokesman said: “The planning application will now be referred to the Mayor of London to secure his approval.”

The proposed scheme also features an improvement of The Den premises, including a new leisure centre with a day spa and swimming pool.

Along with the transformation of the Millwall stadium, the scheme includes huge changes around Surrey Canal Road. There is a plan for a residential area, public space, shops and a hotel.



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