Reality TV finally comes to Dalston via Twitter

Pic: Simon Archer HuristoneRumours that MTV is casting for a new Dalston reality program, similar to reality TV hit: “The Only Way is Essex”,  has stirred controversy among locals and on Twitter.

On Monday MTV sent out a casting call in search of young creative individuals between the ages of 18-25 to participate in an international documentary series exploring the creative youth culture in Dalston, East London.

Despite quickly being nicknamed “The Only Way is Dalston”, Lisa Goldapple, MTV scriptwriter, claims on Twitter that the program is “Not quite The Only Way Dalston.”

Luke Ferrar, who lives in Dalston and works in music publishing, said: “Whilst MTV’s intentions to document the creativity coming out of Dalston are good, the programme looks to feature those more concerned with exercising their mouths than their talent.

“I can’t help but think that MTV wanted to follow in the footsteps of Nathan Barley or the Being a Dickhead is cool video.“

Helene Willemose, a graphic designer living in Dalston, said: “If it becomes similar to The Only Way is Essex, it will be hilarious. I hope I can be an extra, standing in the background at Effes.“

Local artist, Luanna Bonfils, said: “I think reality TV is irrelevant and it would most likely annoy me.  I would probably check it out, but only to see what kind of ridiculous people sign up for something like that and how they represent the area.“

Georgie Blackmoor, shoedesigner, said: “Ha that is so funny. Although it is just another platform for people to make a complete fool out of themselves“

Casting for the new reality show is thought to have taken place on Monday of last week at ‘Jaguar Shoes’ Collective studio in Shoreditch, where plenty of young hopefuls turned up in the hope of representing the up and coming hipster scene of a creative East London.

Twitter and Facebook are buzzing with both excited fanatics and resentful comments as the new series has become a trendy topic for discussion.

One enthusiastic tweet from @Bredford2 read: “To God, please do not let the only way is Dalston be a hoax. It will be your best work yet”, whilst others don’t see the significance of the programme, @Ta_Daa_ writing: “Someone pleaseeee tell me The only way is Dalston is a joke?!?”

By Ismini M Aliverti and Barbara Hilton


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