Norwood Junction underpass art vandalised

Norwood Junction Street Art. Pic: Gala Souvignier

Street art at Norwood Junction Station underpass was vandalised last week, just after a £10.000 makeover.

Last week vandals ripped and tagged art at Norwood Junction underpass. The tunnel art, ‘The Long Way Home’, is part of the Norwood Junction Station Access Scheme, funded by Transport for London, to improve the experience of local people and visitors who use the station. It is a photographic display of familiar street scenes, local school children and community landmarks,

A retired man, who walks through the underpass once a week, said: “I think it’s a great improvement (for Norwood) and it’s nice to look at, so when I saw the graffiti last week, I was very upset.”

Norwood Junction underpass has long been known as a  crime scene. Beset by crimes like sexual assault and mugging. Visitors and local residents have also often complained about the safety and hygiene in the tunnel.

Vandalised Art Installation. Pic: Gala Souvignier

The artwork, which was installed by the Croydon Council six months ago, shows a 180-meter long photographic journey from one end of Norwood Junction Station underpass, through the streets of South Norwood, to the opposite end.

The artist Liane Lang and local historian, John Hickman, who led the project, worked with residents and local schools, to represent the community of South Norwood as an authentic and recognisable place.

A mother of two, from South Norwood said: “It’s sad to see that people would destroy the artwork, that people invested so much time in.”


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