Application made for twin skyscrapers in Croydon

1 lansdowne road. pic: CZWG Architects

Croydon has potential to become the second Canary Wharf if plans to build a second 55-storey skyscraper on Lansdowne Road materialise.

It was previously announced that one skyscraper would be built but an application for another has been submitted to Croydon council.

The £350 million investment would house almost 400 residential apartments, 25,000 square meters of office space, a four-star hotel, a public area with shops, cafés and restaurants, as well as a health club.

The main tower, at 198.6 metres high, has a curved look with rounded lines shaping each piece of its surface.

The architect, Piers Gough, was inspired by Henri Matisse’s portraits of curvaceous women. Gough, who has already designed numerous buildings in London, won the Evening Standard London Lifestyle Award for his Fulham Island in 2003.

The project is part of a £3.5 billion regeneration programme and is now awaiting approval until January. If agreed the work could start in 2013.

Other Croydon redevelopment plans were given permission in July by the council and Mayor of London.
 A £250m project in Cherry Orchard Road is going to be the tallest UK residential tower, that will also compromise of a hotel, public space and offices. It is designed to integrate with a planned new entrance for East Croydon Station, that will undergo revitalisation work in 2013.

The building will rise just opposite to the proposed Lansdowne Road tower. If the second tower is approved the Croydon skyline will have its own twin towers.

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