Bravery award for gang fight hero Mark Peskett

Mark Peskett. pic: Croydon council

A neighbourhood enforcement officer has received a national bravery award at the Mansion House for breaking up a gang fight.

Mark Peskett, 47 years old, won the Sheriff’s Award for Security Professionals for trying to single-handedly stop the fight that broke out at the Whitgift shopping centre in central Croydon. He was awarded on the 22nd October, over 18 months after the fight broke out in February last year. The fight was between two rival gangs and about 30 armed youths were involved.

Peskett commented on his achievement saying: “I feel extremely privileged to accept The Sheriffs’ Award for Security Professionals and I’m honoured to become one of the select group of six winners to date.”

He continued: “In this situation there was no thought of bravery, I was relying on instinct and training. I was just aware that I needed to calm things down as quickly as possible and to ensure that nobody got hurt.”

“I have been proud to serve as one of Croydon Council’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers since the start of the scheme and hope that by gaining this award it highlights the valuable work that the team does on a daily basis to protect, serve and support the local community in Croydon”

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