Fashion show fights fear of domestic violence

Modelling at Friday's fashion show pic: Dan Eaglesham

A charity fashion show was held at City Hall on Friday to raise awareness of domestic violence against women. The event was organised by Mozaic Women’s Well Being Project, part of the Lewisham-based 170 Community Project.

The show was put on by Mozaic Voices, a part of the charity run entirely by survivors of domestic violence. Baroness Scotland of Asthal began the show ‘Fighting Fear with Fashion’, with words of support for the charity.

She said: “This is my type of event. It celebrates women and women’s ability to survive. Two to three women die every week [because of domestic violence]. I am a very unreasonable woman. I won’t be satisfied until we have no women killed.”

Speaking to EastLondonLines during the show, Baroness Scotland added: “Tonight is a brilliant night, not least because it’s a celebration of all the women who have survived, but also like a life force that is saying to people ‘even if you go through the most traumatic experience, there is a real joy if you can grab it and there are people there to help you’. I think it’s a really joyous occasion.”

Ten designers showed their creations on Friday, which included ready-to-wear and couture collections. Between the catwalk shows, which included models who have survived domestic abuse, host Nicole Biros provided stories about women the charity has helped.

Explaining why she got involved in the show, designer Cherish Patrick, of Cherish Kofaro, told EastLondonLines: “I was sent an email regarding what the fashion show was about and it’s something I’ve experienced myself so I wanted to get involved. It’s something quite close to me.”

Another designer, Zara Joan Pinnock, said: “I’ve always had a passion for fashion; I’ve loved fashion for years. I actually work in social care so when I heard about the event, it’s a combination of both my interests and thought it’s a very positive thing.”

Sonia Ygo, a designer for Kamondi Couture, added: “It’s a good cause. It’s to raise awareness so people know there are women out there who have survived such terrible things.”

“Our collection is women’s suits and shirts. Again, we thought it would be quite fitting for this event.”

Fighting Fear with Fashion was held on November 25, the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. More information on Mozaic and the work it does can be found here.

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