New skatepark designed for Telegraph Hill

telegraph hill skate park final design.

Telegraph Hill Skate Park has now completed its final stages of development after final designs were released by designers, Gravity.

Funding for the Skate Park was originally awarded from the Youth Opportunities fund, a government grant, but the £47,000 grant was increased as a result of extra funding secured by campaign group, Society for the Promotion of Adventure Games (SPAG), allowing this latest and refreshed design to be produced.

Skate Park Action Group was formed last October when four local residents complained about their sons skating in the street. The action group later received suitable funding for the plans to go ahead and the latest designs suggest construction of the Skate Park could soon be underway. Although the new designs seem to be the answer to certain local residents, not all are as pleased as the four excited mothers and a number of mixed views are emerging from the local area.

The newly released designs caused controversy on the Brockley central webpage yesterday afternoon after the latest image was released. Although there were a minority of satisfied locals claiming it ‘looks good’ and is ‘a nice idea for kids’, there were many that found fault in the design. A number of individuals were worried it would ruin the landscape suggesting ‘ the park is too small for it’ and one anonymous blogger posted: ‘it’s a pretty sensitive location in terms of aesthetic impact.’

ELC visited the area in question to find out more on the views of locals. Shelley Davies, 41, has two younger children who use the park and said:”I have mixed views on the skate park, I know it will be good for the kids and something new for them but I’m also not too keen on the designs I’ve seen and could ruin the whole look of the park.”

Local resident John Dowling, 51, was concerned that the newly proposed park could attract trouble in the area, stating: “these sorts of things attract noise and vandalism, I just don’t see why it’s necessary.”


By Jack Hitching

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