Origami and openness at Telegraph Hill cafe

Hill Station cafe pic: Artmongers

The Mixer is the latest offering from Bold Vision to the people of Telegraph Hill. A fresh take on the community newsletter, The Mixer will be distributed to every house on Telegraph Hill, 5-6,000 in total, and will give inhabitants the opportunity to be guest editor of subsequent issues.Bold Vision, a local charity, started in 2010  by renovating a disused, rat-infested space behind St Catherine’s Church on Telegraph Hill and turning it into a cafe. The building now in its place is unrecognisable from the shack that stood there a year ago.

The exterior of the Hill Station cafe is already clad in the ‘Fabric of Society’, a participatory artwork by Artmongers. Residents of Telegraph Hill donated images and descriptions of their favourite fabrics, which came together in a vibrant display of community.

With a base now established, Bold Vision wish to expand their activities, getting the whole of Telegraph Hill working towards their goals of “mutuality, openness, courage and potentialising”.

They hope to put the skills of local people at the service of everyone, taking the progress at the Hill Station cafe and “throwing it back out” to the community for further improvement.

Issue one of The Mixer doubles as an origami template. Residents who receive the leaflet can cut out the template and customise a tiny paper house, to be returned to the cafe as part of a new art installation.

The Mixer was distributed last Monday (November 21), and Bold Vision hope houses will be returned to the cafe in the next couple of weeks. EastLondonLines will be displaying a gallery of origami buildings as they come in.

Origami on the ceiling by artist Jascha Lenkiwics pic: Artmonger.com

This exhibition will compliment existing paper structures, created by artist Jascha Lenkiwics, which adorn the ceiling of the cafe.

Patricio Forrester, Bold Vision’s art curator, describes The Mixer as a tool to break down boundaries between the people of Telegraph Hill.

“We want to inspire people to make an emotional investment in the place.”

There will be an open meeting at the cafe next Wednesday, November 30, for anyone who would like to get involved with The Mixer.


Find out more about The Mixer and the Hill Station cafe at www.boldvision.org.uk.

Click here for a downloadable template for your own paper house

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