Review: Pop-Up Circus offers arts and audio at Platform cafe

Art by Zoe Catherine Kendall pic: Tillie Cox

Sound and visuals combine in this rapturous art exhibit, says Tillie Cox.

East London’s arty crowd were in attendance at Sunday’s ‘platform for contemporary activity’ Pop-Up Circus in London Fields. Platform cafe, situated down an anonymous alleyway and through a locked warehouse door, was jam-packed with people for the all-day event.

Performances throughout the afternoon and evening took place in the warehouse space, with its well-stocked bar, tasty menu and beautiful panoramic views. An art exhibition adorned the walls, making interesting viewing between performances.

Of particular note in the exhibition was Zoe Catherine Kendall’s presentation, which featured bold paintings with an almost pop-art inspired colour theme, alongside handwritten notes from artist-to-audience, making one question their response to her work, drawing the audience in further.

Also of interest was Angel Luis Gotor’s sketches, which proved life drawing is still a skill worth mastering for budding artists.

Performance-wise Flautist Rehana Browne made for ideal Sunday listening as she played the brilliantly mixed tempo Stardrift by Edwin Roxburgh.

Following Rehana was perhaps one of the more unusual pieces of the day. The Water Project by artist Greg Genestine-Charlton was a live painting piece, which involved the artist carefully tipping water down a pre-made work, the image of which was projected on a screen behind him for the rapt audience to see. The sound of the water trickling was amplified and mixed by two technicians on a sound desk, while another  the other water noises blowing bubbles through water and using other techniques to create music.

The performance was kindly preceded by an announcement advising the audience to make use of the toilet facilities beforehand, as the sound of running water for 45 minutes may cause problems for some.

In all, a fascinating day in a lovely environment. The hidden entrance to Platform cafe may give pretensions of exclusivity, but the warmth of the audience quickly dispelled any associations with an elitist art culture.

Visit Pop-Up Circus to find about more about contemporary art events.

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