Thieves target garden sheds in Lewisham

Garden Shed Pic: Robin Kearney - Flickr

Lewisham residents have been advised to take extra care when locking up following a spate of shed burglaries in the area.

The Metropolitan Police Service has said there has been an increase in people reporting that their garden sheds have been raided over the past few months, with equipment being stolen.

Lewisham police also said there is often an increase in thieves targeting houses at this time of year, as the darker days offer more opportunities to break in unnoticed.

In October, there were 190 residential burglaries in Lewisham. In the same month last year, there were 165.

Below are the number of residential burglaries in EastLondonLines’ boroughs:

Detective Superintendent Si Cunneen, Crime Command Lewisham, said: “I have seen too many instances on Lewisham borough where occupiers could have prevented a burglary by carrying out simple preventative measures.

“Closing curtains and leaving a light on is a simple tactic and a good measure. Consider obtaining timer switches for lights, which works to good effect.

“I would always ask for the community to be mindful of who they see in their area. Any suspicious activity should be brought to the attention of the police as this may prevent a burglary or any other crime.”

Lewisham residents have been urged to take preventative measures by making sure sheds and homes are properly secured, with windows and doors locked, even if they will only be out for a few minutes.

The Met also noted that that it is particularly important sheds are locked, as power tools stored within can be used to break into homes. Similarly, ladders left out can be used to gain access to properties.

More information can be found on the Met website.

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