Vice magazine launches Dalston Superstars

The Dalston Superstars pic:

Vice magazine has launched a spoof mini-mockumentary series satirising the lives of young creatives living in Dalston.

The idea was born in October when, as we reported at the time,  a casting call went out for a “new international MTV documentary series about young creative people living, working and hanging out in East London, fulfilling their creative dreams”. The idea was immediately dubbed: “The Only Way is Dalston” after BAFTA-winning ‘semi-reality show’ The Only Way Is Essex.

Lisa Goldapple, MTV scriptwriter, claimed on Twitter that the program they envisaged was “Not quite The Only Way Dalston.”

So sensing a gap in the market Vice stepped in.  The first episode of Dalston Superstars aired on the Vice website last night, introducing Sam, Hannah, Maeve, Vee and Stefan – a group of 20-year-olds who describe themselves as photographers, DJs, stylists, and bloggers.

The show purports to follow the group on their way to a club night hosted by Vee, named ‘pizza phile’ at Dalston’s EFES snooker club.

No one turns up, not even Sam and Hannah, leaving tensions among the friends for Vice’s next seven minute segment.

Maeve, 20, who describes herself as a photographer, model, and a “muse” for her friends justifies her place on the show: “I just met a load of people and they saw something in me that I didn’t really see myself. They said I was inspiring.”

Stefan, apparently the son of the producer of American TV show Malcolm in the Middle, provides the  tragic element to the group’s party lifestyle, as he despairs at being judged for his privileged lifestyle. “I go to the ATM to get some cash out and there on my balance is a glaring reminder that I’m not like anyone else,” he sighs.

Vee, Maeve, and Stefan are also filmed in a kebab shop – eating a “lamby” – Dalston’s renowned Turkish lamb kebab that Maeve deems: “A food statement. Like a fashion statement. But with food”.

Many on Twitter have questioned the need for the ‘reality’ show when 2005 show Nathan Barley has already successfully mocked the east London hipster scene, while others were shocked by the mere concept.

SoneniMusic (@sonenimusic) tweeted:

AH MAN. YOU’RE KIDDING ME. “@VICEUK Introducing DalstonSuperstars. It’s like ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, but more swag.

While the Guardian Film&Music (@GdnFilmandMusic) added:

Dalston Superstars is just a bit too close to reality to be truly funny

As ‘Dalston Superstars’ trends on UK Twitter, above ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and ‘Stephen Lawrence’, the debate is whether or not the show is meant to be a parody  or  a serious documentary.

Gavin Marshall (@Gav_M) tweets:

I challenge you to watch more than 30 seconds of ‘DalstonSuperstars’ without wanting to punch them


To watch Episode One of Dalston Superstars, click here.


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